Leather Shin Instep Guards (SKU: AK-B-1074)

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  • Al-Kous  produces fight gear that is suited for champions. Original cowhide leather coats the exterior of these finely designed Shin Guards for improved durability and endurance. Tri-Slab Shell-Shock gel integrated padding absorbs high-intensity strikes like a sponge and dissipates force equally throughout area. Featuring exclusive P-fit™ system to ensure perfect and snug fit, and comes with double-strap Quick-EZ hook & loop closure to hold guards in place with zero slip.

    • Tri-Slab Shell-Shock Gel integrated padding to absorb high-intensity hits
    • Quick-EZ Twin-strap directional hook & loop closure ensures easy application and secure fit
    • Handcrafted with authentic full-grain cowhide leather and stitched with precision for long-lasting, solid durability
    • Special design disrupts high-impact shots by dispersing force equally throughout pad for total shock-absorbency
    • PTM-DOME pressure point technology equally distributes shock-impact across surface area


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