Fitness Sandbag (SKU: AK-B-1181)

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  • Super supportive shin pads with brace protection, designed to shield your shins from impact in contact sports training. And ultra-lightweight to the touch, these shin pads will allow maximum freedom of movement to keep you agile. Made from a woven carbon fibre fabric that retains its shape and features a unique foam padding for the ultimate shock absorption, moisture management technology to prevent nasty odours, a special elastic to secure your shins in place, plus an effective strap and hook & loop system for optimum support and adjustability. Effective shin protection that won’t weigh you down or hold you back.
    • Made from lightweight carbon fibre fabric for comfortable wear
    • EVA-LUTION foam padding for shock reduction and even impact distribution
    • MMT technology for moisture management and no sweat build up
    • Ayz-F elastic secures the pads in place for a snug fit
    • Cross strapping system with Quick-EZ hook & loop for security and easy adjustability


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