Boxing Gloves (SKU: AK-B-1010)

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  • When you’re leaving the competition behind, you don’t just want your hands looking good, you want them FEELING just as great. Our BBBoC approved C3s are stitched using superior hand craftsmanship and a type of quality that is worthy of tomorrow’s champion. When you’re punching with power, do it in style, better yet, do it with conviction knowing the bread and butter is safe and sound.
    • The sturdiest of authentic cowhide leather encapsulates the shock-absorbent interior of these foam laminated gloves
    • Light latex rubber mold is backed by a duo-layer of EVA and foam padding for efficient shock-absorbency without sacrificing power
    • Pleasant feeling inner wicks skin and feel pleasant offering the most comfort a power-puncher can afford
    • EVA padding throughout wrist is backed by a latex rubber sheet for shock-absorbent protection against stray shots that land on the wrist
    • 3ply nylon threading throughout the product with polyester laces ensures durability and efficient wrist support when laced


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