Bag Gloves (SKU: AK-B-1003)

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  • Specifically designed for punch bag training, these ladies bag gloves are as tough as nails and feature a fatigue-reducing curved design to enhance your workouts. Made with a sturdy Maya Hide™ leather and boosted with a quadruple padding plus shock-absorbing gel and foam, these speed bag gloves will give you the protection you need to excel and improve technique. And tailored to seamlessly shield women’s hands, they’re every female boxer’s secret weapon. For ladies who like to work up a serious sweat, the moisture-wicking properties of these training mitts will keep your hands dry and free from nasty odours too.
    • Maya Hide™ leather built durable bag mitts with curved design reduces fatigue and prevents injury
    • Tetra-padding™ cushions your hand and wrist entirely
    • Shell Shock™ gel Equilibrium Sheet for optimum shock absorption on impact
    • QD-1™ lining for enhanced dryness and to wick away moisture formed by sweat
    • Quick-EZ™ Hook-and-loop strap for the perfect fit around thinner female wrists


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