Arm Blaster For Biceps Curl (SKU: AK-B-1134)

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  • Blast those biceps with our ultra-advanced and super high tech bicep bomber! A uniquely designed workout tool for pumping up your arms and focusing all movements in the bicep and tricep zone when lifting. Cut from the toughest nylon for unbreakable power, made with neoprene pads to keep neck and elbows supported, perforated to increase air flow, and ergonomically engineered to keep your arms and shoulders isolated during workouts. This iron strength arm blaster is the ultimate gym companion for lifters and bodybuilders.
    • High quality nylon belt design, iron built for incredible durability
    • Strong and super flexible neoprene neck and elbow pads for comfort and performance
    • Perforated belt for enhanced breathability and ventilation
    • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and to keep arms and shoulder separate
    • Measures 23L x 4W x 4H and weighs 1kg for maximum support


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