10mm Powerlifting Belt (SKU: AK-B-1131)

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  • Designed to provide essential spinal support, this 4”-wide powerlifting belt is made using incredibly sturdy nubuck leather, and fastens using an advanced lever clasp that’s capable of maintaining tension throughout all stages of the lifting process. Like all of our weightlifting products, this belt has been made from the finest materials, and can be relied on to perform well time after time, whether you’re looking for a training belt, or a general exercise belt. It’s the same width throughout, and has been designed to ensure that it offers full body support, which is essential if you want to avoid bad form or excessive abdominal pressure during particularly heavy lifts.


    • Nubuck leather for extreme toughness and shape holding
    • Available in black or brown
    • Comes in four different sizes – S, M, L and XL
    • RECON-designed advanced lever clasp for unrivalled reliability
    • Firm but comfortable design so that you can keep lifting for longer


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