Leather Head Guard (SKU: AK-B-1055)

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  • AL-Kous head guard is built to utterly protect the most vital part of your body – the brains. Durable and long lasting, authentic full-grain cowhide leather compliments the already solid interior of this guard. Zero Impact G-Core gel technology incorporates Tri-Slab™ Shell-Shock™ integrated Supremo Shock™ foam padding to provide the most shock-absorbent head-guard you have ever worn. Exclusive R-Lock™ system adjusts snugness providing a comfortable fit with zero budge. This guard was made to provide confidence where it’s needed the most, while sparring.
    • Tri-Slab™ Shell-Shock™ integrated Supremo Shock™ foam padding for shock-absorption
    • Exclusively designed to conform to head shape without budging or slipping during hard-sparring
    • Handcrafted with authentic full-grain cowhide leather and stitched with precision for long-lasting, solid durability
    • R-Lock™ system provides comfort adjustability and snug fit
    • RECON advanced Zero Impact G-Core Gel Integrated Technology


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