Groin Guard (SKU: AK-B-1041)

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  • When it comes to pro level boxing sparring you don’t want to take any chances with the vitals. Guard what matters the most. This authentic cowhide leather, top-grain abdominal guard gives you the defence you need against groin or kidney shots during those intense sparring moments that change the complexion of your upcoming fight. Compressed and layered, our proprietary foam is designed to spread out shock on impacted areas. A cup compartment allows enough space for a jockey strap and a groin guard.
    • Tough authentic top-grain cowhide leather is built to last you a career all the way to your first champion rounds
    • Handcrafted and stitched using nylon threads for unbeatable durability
    • Supremo-Shock Foam™ dissipates shock and shields the vitals: groin, abdomen and kidney area from body shots
    • Hard shell polymer cup with double layered closed-cell foam for added groin protection
    • Compartment holds ample room for jock-strap with enough space for a doubled-down cup
    • Ergonomically designed shape for the best fit and comfort during training


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